Deep emotions

Oh, love! The joy. The passion. The bliss. The yearning. The tears. The suffering. The agony! Love unrequited. Love ended. Lovers separated. Lovers dead. Hearts broken.

Ah, so much pain.

How glad we must be for it. For without it, we would be robbed of some of the most beautiful music ever written! And being a festival with a heart & forever tattoo it is simply a must to include it in our programs.

Choose between Farewell (17. 9.), with music of Debussy, Schönberg and Mahler, firm believers of the indisputable power of music to influence emotions, and Till Death Do Us Part (13. 9.), for a share of pathos in Krek’s dealing with death, a share of exuberance of Suk’s young love and a share of ethereal beauty of Wagner’s marital idyll. Which, by the way, didn’t last much longer than the piece itself, but that’s another story.

Thinking of it Socrates comes to mind: “By all means, marry. If your marriage will be good, you'll become happy; if it will be bad, you'll become a philosopher.” Or, in our case – a composer!