From Vienna to Piazzolla and back

Narodni dom Maribor

6. 9. 2017 at 19:30

Amarcord Wien


Bon Voyage

“If one had to describe music and its myriad possibilities, there would be one short answer: Amarcord Wien” – an emphatic statement from a well known Austrian music critic after attending a concert in Bruchnerhaus Linz.

It is difficult to categorize Amarcord Wien. Although deeply rooted in the classical tradition, the musicians have evolved their approach to music beyond these boundaries. The basic principle is to create arrangements that constantly seek new ways to interpret, understand and communicate the music, irrespective of traditions, and not shy to deviate from the original manuscript, until it becomes “Amarcord”. That means, the unadulterated musical experience comes before dedication to the score, combined with the typical Amarcord sound, transparent, incorrigibly playful, sporadically improvised, and all that with unparalleled technical perfection. Founded in 2000, the ensemble has achieved a reputation celebrated by audiences around the world.

In this evening Amarcord Wien takes a musical voyage throughout the world. The compositions of masters such as, Modest Mussorgsky, Dmitri Shostakovich, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Erik Satie — and naturally Astor Piazzola, a composer whose music Amarcord has been intimately involved with over many years.

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