Matinee for the youngest ones I

Vetrinj Mansion, Maribor

9. 9. 2017 at 10:00

Oksana Pečeny Dolenc, Violin
Matic Dolenc, Guitar

N. Paganini, C. Saint-Saëns, A. Vivaldi, V. Monti, J. Brahms, W. Mozart, tango ...

Once again we present a special, miniature concert event intended for the youngest members of our audience. Before live music for violin and guitar, children and their parents are invited to comfortably position themselves on mats, crawl around or even check out the musicians and their instruments up close.

A pleasant and relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed!

The comfortable setting of the concert is made possible by the Faculty of Education Maribor and the Bojan Ilich primary school.

Entrance is free.

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